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Four goals that will further your nursing career

With the new year well underway, it’s a great time to evaluate your plans and how you can further develop your nursing career. Whether you’re studying, trying to land a graduate role, or looking to up-skill in a specific area, having a goal will ensure you can advance your skills and experience in a realistic and rewarding way. 

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Your ultimate guide to working as an international nurse in Australia

Nurses from around the globe finally have the opportunity to work in Australia again after years of pandemic shutdown. Although the industry has changed rapidly over the past few years, nursing in Australia offers great conditions and opportunities, not to mention the amazing beaches and attractions you can visit when you’ve clocked off. And with the current shortage of nurses across the country, there are plenty of dynamic roles you can sink your teeth into.   

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The top three reasons to work in Australia as an international nurse

2022 has been another year of enormous change for the healthcare industry. With Australian borders reopening to international visitors, opportunities for work, study and travel Down Under have become much more accessible to those abroad. And for nurses in particular, the roles and facilities in which you can work are boundless. 

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How to make the most of summer as an agency nurse

Summer is officially upon us, and Australian summers in particular are known for being some of the best in the world. And with the La Nina potentially easing off this year, there’ll hopefully be plenty of sunny days you can spend outdoors, whether you’re at the beach or enjoying a bushwalk. As an agency nurse, you can use your flexible schedule to your advantage and organise shifts around days and times of the day you’d like to spend outside.

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Wellness - not just a buzzword

Wellness: not just a buzzword

October is Mental Health Month, a time where words like “wellness,” “wellbeing” and “self-care” become hot topics in workplaces and on social media. But how often have you stopped to consider what these practices actually are, and more importantly, how they can help you?

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Breast Cancer Awareness

How to get involved in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The McGrath Foundation estimates that approximately 57 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia every day in 2022, with 20 640 having already been diagnosed so far. Although there have been significant advancements in research and treatment in recent years, raising awareness of the impacts of this disease for those diagnosed and their loved ones still remains important. 

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