Four tips for working in Sydney as a nurse

Whether you’ve lived in Sydney for your entire life or you’ve just moved here, Sydney is one of Australia’s most populous and interesting cities for work and play. It’s also estimated that around 90% of Sydney’s population is working in either a full-time or part-time capacity, meaning the city is a hub for new and exciting job opportunities.

If you’re a nurse in Sydney, it may feel like work always overtakes play, even when you try to make space for some down-time. But with a bit of extra planning and a focus on relationship-building, you can enjoy the best of both worlds and make the most of living in this dynamic city. 

In this article, we’ll take you through some tips for making the most of working in Sydney as a nurse, from getting to and from your shift to how you spend your time in between:

  • Organise your commute 
  • Find things to do near your workplace
  • Make friends with other Sydneysiders 
  • Leave plenty of time for exploring! 
  • Your next steps
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Organise your commute

Sydneysiders have a range of transport options on offer for their commute, including trains, buses, ferries, rideshare vehicles and even cycling. Although Sydney’s roads are also some of the best in the country, traffic is heavy in commercial areas and the cost of tolls and parking can quickly add up. By travelling on public transport with an Opal card, you can enjoy a range of cost benefits, including travel caps, discounts and weekly travel rewards.  

Here are some tips for organising your commute to work using public transport:

  • Check TripView or a similar app the night before your commute and the day of to quickly determine any delays or cancellations of services; 
  • Have a back-up plan in the event you can’t travel on your regular route (e.g., catching a bus instead of a train);
  • Allow a little extra time for your commute than you think you need to. By starting your commute even 15 minutes earlier, you can avoid major congestion and potential delays that could arise mid-journey;
  • Travel outside peak times where possible (8:00am – 9:00am and 3:00pm – 6:00pm). Nurses don’t often have to travel in peak hours due to the nature of their shifts, but in the event you do start or finish in peak times, keep an alternate travel time or route in mind.
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Find things to do near your workplace

Sydney is a large city geographically speaking, with its borders stretching 88 kilometres from north to south and around 70 kilometres from east to west. Although this means there are plenty of areas to explore, it does mean some of the best areas for socialising and activities take a while to get to. And after a double shift, jumping on a bus or train for an hour is probably the last thing you want to do. 

However, Sydney’s diversity means there’s plenty of things to do wherever you find yourself living or working. Some of the best beaches in the world are only a short drive or bus ride away, and there are plenty of national parks and green spaces to explore as well. And it’s not just the CBD that has all the fun. Areas like Chatswood and Parramatta have a host of restaurants, bars, theatres and other attractions that might be much closer to home. 

Here is a quick summary of activities on offer in the different parts of Sydney: 

Northern Suburbs

Most areas in the northern suburbs are only an hour away from the Central Coast, which has many picturesque beaches that are often less crowded than those in Sydney. You can also check out the area’s many national parks, playgrounds and reserves

Southern Suburbs

If you love the great outdoors, Royal National Park is not to be missed for those local to Sydney’s south. You can also check out Cronulla Beach as a good alternative to the busier beaches near the CBD. Try exploring the many getaway spots along the South Coast, including Wollongong, Kiama and Shellharbour to name a few.

Eastern Suburbs

If you’re living in or close to the Eastern suburbs, there’s plenty of indoor and outdoor activities that you can make the most of. Take a short bus ride to some of Australia’s most iconic beaches including Bondi and Coogee, or visit the quieter Watsons Bay for a relaxing swim. Enjoy some of the best restaurants in the city and all the biggest events at venues such as Randwick Racecourse and the Moore Park Entertainment Quarter

Western Suburbs

If you’re based in Sydney’s west, you’ll have access to a range of events throughout Sydney. Parramatta is quickly becoming Sydney’s second CBD, and offers a host of sporting and cultural events with plenty of fantastic restaurants and shopping nearby. Sydney Olympic Park hosts a range of exciting events and the Western Sydney Parklands are a fantastic green space to escape to. You can also make a day trip out of a journey to the Blue Mountains or the little towns in the Southern Highlands.

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Make friends with other Sydneysiders 

Sydney can be a tricky city to navigate at times, and it can be hard to know where to enjoy your time off without breaking the bank. That’s why making friends with other Sydneysiders can make a huge difference to how positive your experience in Sydney is. No matter how little free time you have or how introverted you consider yourself to be, there’s always something for everyone. 

Sport is an enormous part of Australian culture, so if you’re an active person you’ve definitely come to the right place. There are plenty of community groups, local sports teams and group classes at gyms and studios for you to join, often at any time of the year. If you’re a foodie, there are lots of restaurants, bars and cafes that run events during the day and night. And if you’re interested in the arts, there are always live shows, films and performances in big and small venues throughout the city. 

If you’re still finding the city a bit tricky to navigate, you can join some group tours, bar crawls and even Facebook groups, such as Sydney Working Holiday Girls. Events like these take the boring logistical work out of a day or night out, allowing you to relax and enjoy the city and its people.

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Leave plenty of time for exploring!

With Sydney having so much to offer in the way of down-time, it’s important to leave time to explore all the things you want to! Being one of Australia’s largest cities in terms of size and population, tourist attractions can get busy, and take a while to get to. Researching places you want to visit and planning and booking activities in advance will help you avoid disappointment, particularly on weekends and public holidays. 

With the right job, you can enjoy the sights without worrying about your expenses. Agency nurses, for example, are able to have a more flexible schedule than most, meaning they don’t have to sacrifice all of their other commitments for their job. It also means they gain valuable experience and connections in a range of facilities, rapidly developing their skills to be ready for anything in an ever-changing industry. You can find out more about agency nursing by visiting our website or getting in touch with us directly.

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Your next steps 

Sydney is one of the world’s most exciting cities, and has so much to offer for those who are willing to explore it. With activities and events catering to all interests and backgrounds, it’s no wonder Sydney has fostered such a diverse population with something for everyone to enjoy. 

Although Sydney has plenty of career opportunities on offer, the job market can become quite competitive at several points throughout the year. That’s why lining up work before you arrive in Sydney, or securing the job you want sooner rather than later, can make all the difference. And that’s where we come in. 

With roles on offer in a variety of facilities throughout Sydney, we have shifts to suit every schedule, so you don’t have to sacrifice your other commitments for work. By forming relationships with every one of our nurses, we ensure you’re placed in facilities that both support your strengths and encourage you to grow. And we offer some of the most competitive pay rates in Sydney, which is always a bonus. 

So, if you’re ready to explore the wonderful world of agency nursing, we’ll look after you. Get in touch with us via phone, email or our online application form, or learn more about us via our website, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. 

Disclaimer: The advice provided in this article is general in nature. For information relating to your specific circumstances, please get in touch with us.

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