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Angela has a way of making you feel like you are her only employee...

“From my first phone conversation with Angela, her warm personality was very evident, and not long after, I started working full-time hours with Healthcare HQ. Having worked for other agencies in the past, I believe the key difference with Healthcare HQ is that I never felt like a number. Angela has a way of making you feel like you are her only employee. 

I love the flexibility of my work with HHQ, allowing me to work in a variety of areas, while being able to choose hours which suit my lifestyle. Flexible hours also means being able to take time and travel around Australia too!”

Amber Gill

I love working with HHQ because of the flexibility of schedule that accommodates my personal priorities...

Being an agency nurse, I get to experience different specialties and fields. I believe my growth and learning have been considerable and have further broadened my skill set. I have been privileged to get to know different people, therefore gaining more friends and expanding my network. I love working with HHQ because of the flexibility of schedule that takes into account my personal priorities.

Altrius Norona

I am grateful for the opportunity HHQ has given me...

“I enjoy working for HHQ because they understand my needs and requirements for a balanced work / life mix.  HHQ allow me the opportunity to pick and choose when and where I work, which affords me the control over the events in my life that impact my availability for work. HHQ have given me some interesting challenges and choices in shifts to enhance my skills and fulfil my need to share my experience and knowledge. This professional company have allowed me to continue working through life events that would have taken me out of the professional workforce in other business-related circumstances. I am grateful for the opportunity HHQ has given me. ”

Leonie Mizzie

I can confidently say that I made the right decision in joining the HHQ family!

Some may think it isn’t easy being an agency nurse. How can you work in different environments and confidently manage the job to your own high standards without knowing each facilities’ policies and procedures? That would really put you in cold sweats and have you think of protecting your registration and the safety of your patients. I was in this same position when I started with HHQ. 

These were the basis of my fears and at times left me with second thoughts. Soon enough, I adjusted and realised that there’s also fun and great satisfaction in doing this “agency nurse” thing. I enjoy that I am not ever stagnant in just one area of nursing. Agency work has allowed me to explore different fields and broaden my nursing knowledge considerably. 

Secondly, working in varied hospitals and other healthcare settings has given me the chance to widen my circle of acquaintances and have the opportunity to work with different staff. The ‘permanent’ staff at the client facilities have always been thankful and grateful of my attendance and I love to be “the hero of the day” at times when I have saved them from enduring the extra load of patients and no doubt a more challenging shift. 

Thirdly, the flexibility of agency work enables me to choose what day of the week I would like to work and preference of shifts. This has been hugely beneficial in fitting in with my lifestyle. Finally, working with HHQ, my wage has been so rewarding and definitely at a higher premium of other nursing jobs out there. 

HHQ have generously recognised my previous RN experience overseas and has given me the opportunity to work full time as one of their sponsored employees. I can confidently say that I made the right decision in joining the HHQ family!


Working for HHQ has allowed me to work around my other commitments...

 “Working for HHQ has allowed me to work around my other commitments. I am able to enjoy playing soccer as well as working. It’s great that I can nominate my preferred shifts and there are always plenty during the week to choose from (leaving my weekends free!)”

Rose Duncan

So welcoming and I felt very comfortable.

“Absolutely excellent experience working with them! So welcoming and I felt very comfortable. Angela and Jay provided a great staff support, considering my preference well! 

Had enough shifts on well organised Private Hospitals and aged care facilities. Good orientation before you start.”

Helen Eum

I highly recommend applying to HHQ if you are looking for nursing experience and challenges in different settings.

“Healthcare HQ has become a second home to me for the past year or so. The agency covers a wide range of privates hospitals and aged care facilities in the Sydney’s Metro area and has always been generous in providing rotating shifts to its employees. Aside from the undeniably good salary that HHQ offers, the manager has been on top of every operation from the beginning of my employment through to offering support and motivation to her staff. She always makes certain that the right person is sent to the right location while making sure that all staff are given equal chances to develop their skills and knowledge in the field. I have been very lucky to have been assigned to different locations—high acuity specialised units to sub-acute rehabilitation wards and to some aged care facilities as well – all of which have been very fulfilling. Moreover, the opportunity to work in a variety of places has helped me to build networks and relationships that I will always be thankful for.”

“As an employee sponsored by HHQ, I feel very fortunate to enjoy the benefit of secured weekly hours, sometimes even more than I ask for! Despite the busy schedules and high demands for staff, management also makes sure their employees get their well deserved breaks in between.”


You're not a mere 'number' with HHQ and the wages they pay are great too!

Before coming to Australia from Ireland, I worked as a surgical nurse. During the lead up to relocating to Australia, I undertook agency work in Ireland for a short while but really did not enjoy it at all. Upon moving here to Australia I made the decision (reluctantly) to take up agency work again for that “freedom” that I’m sure many overseas nurses understand, allowing time for enjoying the many adventures Australia has to offer! The freedom to choose my hours and book trips here and there without being tied down is glorious! 

I started with HHQ in March 2020 and I have honestly never wanted to look for work elsewhere or feel the need to seek that comfort that comes with being on one ward. I believe this is mostly attributed to Angela and her team as they established very quickly my preferences of where my skills are most suited and which facilities I prefer to work in (some more than others!) 

HHQ have put a great deal of trust in me and for that I am grateful. They have allocated me to a great variety of healthcare settings where I have extended my knowledge base and have gained an interest in as well. The variety of work is great. I know I have the support of HHQ and have felt comfortable in approaching them if ever I had any issues.  As is the case in the world of nursing, some shifts are amazing whereas others might be challenging. With HHQ, if you really don’t like a place or ward, you don’t have to go back. You’re not a mere ‘number’ with HHQ and the wages they pay are great too!


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