HHQ staff profile: Maria

Being alone in a foreign country, studying and working can be intimidating. Nevertheless, the toughest journey is always the most rewarding. Maria commenced her casual employment with Healthcare HQ Nursing Agency in August 2015 as an AIN and to date, proudly remains on the team as one of HHQ’s most regularly placed AINs! Maria has been working hard, balancing between her studies and work, and has just excitedly submitted her application as a Registered Nurse (RN). Starting a new life in a foreign country isn’t easy. “It can be really tough and lonely”, she says. Yet while Maria has been away from her roots: her family and friends, she has been pursuing her dream of graduating and working as a qualified RN in Australia. She has worked hard in her studies and strives to improve her IETLS (International English Language Test), which is one of the requirements to qualify as an RN.

While the journey has been challenging, she pulled through because of her love to help people. “What motivates me are the people who are sick and need nurses who are not just there to work, but genuinely there to care wholeheartedly”, Maria says. She inspires to help people as it brings her such happiness to make a difference to others’ lives and as a result, to see them appreciative and happy. As a young undergraduate in a foreign country, Maria was anxious about taking agency shifts due to the uncertainties of working in different organisations as a casual AIN. “It was a little intimidating in the beginning, but Healthcare HQ provide amazingly detailed orientation with tips, advice and information of what to expect in each workplace”, she says. “While I know that there are so many facilities serviced by HHQ staff, I feel fortunate that I am allocated to the same workplaces frequently as this continuity allows me to feel part of the team and makes life easier for all involved!”

With a shy expression, she says, “Angela and the team at Healthcare HQ are lovely and caring. I feel that Angela genuinely cares and it is really hard to find a Manager like her”. Maria recounts her experience with a difficult patient and was distraught by the end of the shift. She was grateful of Angela’s compassionate support, and as a result, called Maria several times, to console and ensure that she was okay. “Healthcare HQ allocate shifts based on their staff availability, capability and experience. I never felt pressured to accept shifts when I am not available and this allows me to balance my studies.” Maria may have a tiny frame and a quiet, gentle personality, but boasts a huge smile and takes tremendous initiative during work. Her positive attitude has gained her the fondness and trust of our clients and the result of her popularity speaks for itself!

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