Leading With Heart: Angela Thwaites’ Inspiring Journey of Empowerment and Excellence

Written by Lumia Care

This past International Women’s Day, we shine a spotlight on one of the remarkable women in our Lumia Care family: Angela Thwaites, the visionary behind Healthcare HQ. Angela’s journey from a high-acuity specialist nurse to the founder of a leading nursing agency showcases a unique blend of compassion, innovation, and leadership that has significantly impacted the healthcare recruitment industry.

Starting her career in nursing, Angela quickly identified a gap in the quality and relevance of agency nurses provided to healthcare settings. With her expertise in high-acuity nursing and an inherent understanding of the sector’s challenges, Angela founded Healthcare HQ. Her goal was simple yet profound: to create an agency that matched the skill sets of nurses with the needs of healthcare providers and treated nurses as valued professionals, not just numbers.

Here is what Angela had to say:
“My nursing background lies within the acute hospital sector: orthopedics and cardiothoracic nursing. I loved nursing and still do. While today, I am not directly involved in providing therapeutic clinical care, I still consider my non-clinical role in management, sta selection and placement very much interrelated in providing the best possible care to those needing it the most: patients, residents (& just as importantly supporting their families and loves ones).

During my time as a specialist nurse, I was honoured to have been asked to act in the role of Clinical Nurse Educator while the owner of that position went on sabbatical overseas for 2-3 month periods.”

Under Angela’s guidance, Healthcare HQ has grown over nine years into a respected entity, managing hundreds of agency nurses across the Sydney metro area. Her leadership has fostered a culture of professionalism, respect, and dedication that resonates throughout the company. Angela’s story is a testament to the power of blending passion with experience, highlighting her as a pioneer who has reshaped agency nursing standards for the better.

“Today I proudly sit amongst a team of rostering and admin sta and an incredible Operations Manager who has been loyal to me and the business for 7 years now. All sta have been trained meticulously by myself and Jay and it’s wonderful to sit back to watch and listen to the activity in the oce, the standard they hold, the calibre they present and the detail in which underpins their work .

Personally I have built up an incredible network of contacts: predominantly amazing women who like myself genuinely care for the wellbeing of others personally and professionally. I love empowering women. women who push boundaries, women who by empowering others (often without realising that they are) boost growth and reduce inequality and women who support , guide and mentor other women to be the best version of themselves!”

On International Women’s Day, Lumia Care celebrates Angela, whose vision and compassionate leadership at Healthcare HQ not only exemplify this year’s theme, “Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress,” but also inspire and empower every life she touches. Her commitment to fostering excellence in healthcare stang and her belief in the boundless potential of women have contributed to reducing inequality and inspiring her team to achieve their very best. Angela’s dedication to nurturing her sta and wide network reflects a deep-seated dedication to creating meaningful change. We honour Angela’s remarkable contributions today and encourage you to join us in supporting the advancement of women like her by donating to Fitted for Work through our campaign page at https://lumiacare.com.au/iwd2024/. Here’s to women who lead with heart and drive lasting impact in the world.

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