We all know the boredom and exhaustion that can accompany a long shift, especially if you’ve been standing on your feet for hours and finally take a seat – just to be called up again. Whether it’s a night shift and you’re struggling to keep your eyes open or it’s the middle of the day and you just need something to make you laugh during your break, we’ve got you covered with 18 memes tailored to our nursing audience.

1. When your shifts mess up your ability to function


2. Fluids


3. The grind never stops


4. When the call light goes off again


5. Waking up like – trying to figure out what year it is when you wake up after a night shift.


6. Where do they go?!


7. It’s a no from me


8. It just be like that sometimes


9. “Emergencies”


10. Being a nurse isn’t just being a doctor but “easier”


11. Sometimes you just need a place to cry


12. I don’t understand


13. If only…

14. Don’t talk to me


15. Oh no


16. Merry Christmas


17. Time flies when you’re having fun


18. When a patient says thank you


Inspired by BuzzFeed and NurseBuff.