HHQ staff profile: Smetha

A great team starts with a great work culture.

It’s the tried-and-tested formula that has proven itself time and time again. Here at Healthcare HQ, we pride ourselves on being an industry leader in placing high-quality staff to Sydney hospitals, and providing opportunities and growth for nurses – but we know also that running a business smoothly requires a fantastic management team.

This is how we know we’re lucky to have Smetha on board as our exceptional recruiting consultant and admin wizard. On top of preparing contracts for the staff, recording all staff bookings for payments, checking references, updating the staff database and booking staff in for work shifts, Smetha is instrumental to maintaining good relationships between both staff members and HHQ’s clients.

One of the most important lessons she’s learnt is that, above all, company ethics and values come first. “Sometimes, it’s not just the placements that we should focus on but rather the long term relationship and loyalty with out clients, staff and suppliers.”

The second lesson is to be wary of complacency. “Just because things may be going smooth now does not mean that it will last forever. One has to always foresee risks and make decisions to overcome them.”

Growing with the business

Along with her own professional growth, Smetha’s also watched the small business blossom. As an international student from India completing her Masters at the University of Technology Sydney, Smetha had some impressive credentials, beginning her career in KPMG India after graduating from her business degree.

However, this still left her a little unsure about navigating Australia’s workforce – but a great leader has been paramount in her growing confidence in the workforce as an employee from overseas.

“Be it the recruitment of staff or acquiring new clients or even the suppliers, it is with great happiness that I have seen the company grow,” she says. “Coming in from another country and interacting with the staff and clients over phone and email has boosted my confidence in working in the Australian workforce.

Though she is grateful to never have worked with any awful employers before, she feels lucky to work with HHQ director Angela Thwaites. According to Smetha, Angela’s leadership is one of the key factors responsible for HHQ’s unprecedented growth in such a short time.

“I will not be able to say in words my gratitude towards our director, the backbone of the firm, Ms Angela Thwaites. Angela is a person of vision and she involves all of us as a family in achieving it. The quality of our service is certainly because of our staff, and for that the credit stands on Angela who carefully handpicks each one of them.”

A visionary leader

Far from unloading all the grunt work onto Smetha, Angela has a particularly hands-on approach that has won over not only Smetha’s loyalty, but the loyalty of all the staff and clients that work with Angela. As far as Smetha understands, there is a clear distinction between a boss, and a leader.

“Angela is a great leader. And I say a ‘leader’ more than a ‘boss’ because she doesn’t just give orders but involves herself in all the work. She asks for suggestions and tips in each and every step. This has made me feel like I own my job giving me more motivation in what I do.

“To her nursing staff she is equally patient and caring as she aims to make the relationship fruitful for both parties. No wonder you would see so many loyal staff with her for such a long period. She accepts mistakes and is the first to hear out her staff before anything. She stands to defend them as well if they need the support.”

Angela has cut an impressive role model figure for Smetha, who describes Angela’s “strong values that she will not compromise for anything unethical” as “an amazing quality for a business woman”.

Smetha’s stand-out impression of working at Healthcare HQ has been the invaluable and nurturing experience in a thriving business as well as the unwavering commitment to doing the right thing. In order to maintain the reputation as a serious provider of high-quality care in Sydney healthcare facilities, the only way to do this is to take care of its staff – all of its staff.

And we hope it’s paid off, because great results are produced by a motivated, happy team.

“I enjoy the little things I do. I am certain that, although not directly, my service through this firm is touching lives of many.”

Are you a nurse looking for the right agency to begin work? We pride ourselves on supporting and mentoring all our staff. Contact Healthcare HQ to talk about opportunities for employment.

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