The Royal Commission’s Interim Report: Simplified

On 31 October, the royal commission into aged care released its interim report after ten months of investigation, revealing the insufficiencies of Australia’s aged care system and recommendations that spurred the government into action. But through all this jargon, what did the report actually say and what has the government done about it? Here are […]

Gratefulness in Mental Health Month

Written by: Melanie Wong Gratitude. It’s a word that’s thrown around often enough and is something that those in the healthcare industry specifically will experience on a day-to-day basis, not without good reason. Nurses receive gratitude so often from patients, family members and doctors alike. However, it’s important for nurses to not only know their […]

Tackling tax: 6 easy steps

It’s that time of the year again, when you start getting emails about tax deductible donations and work starts talking about personal income statements. June and July can be a bit of a busy time and one of the most fear-inducing, confusing and overcomplicated processes during this time period is how to lodge your tax […]

Lifesaving Between the Flags

Written by Melanie Wong Rapid response systems (RRS), such as Between the Flags or Early Warning Score, have become increasingly effective and common in hospitals since the 1990s. While they were first developed in Australia, RRS have now been placed into effect in other countries including the US and the UK due to their noticeably […]

ANZAC Day 2019: Tribute to the Nurses 

Written by: Melanie Wong This year marks the centenary anniversary of the end of World War I or the Great War, which Australia and a host of another nations participated in. The story of the ANZAC soldiers is one that is well-known, but there is another side of the narrative; more than 3000 Australian women […]

Long shift? We’ve got you covered.

We all know the boredom and exhaustion that can accompany a long shift, especially if you’ve been standing on your feet for hours and finally take a seat – just to be called up again. Whether it’s a night shift and you’re struggling to keep your eyes open or it’s the middle of the day […]

The cracks in Australia’s aged care workforce

In a 2017 report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, over one in seven Australians were aged 65 years and over. Australia undoubtedly has, like so many other Western countries, an ageing population. It comes as no surprise then that the number of Australians receiving home care has been steadily rising in the […]

A day in the life: In conversation with RN Padraig

Written by: Melanie Wong Australia. Our country is well known for its beaches, summer vibes and strange and dangerous creatures. But does this same stereotype apply to the experiences of those working here? Australia has long been known as a multicultural country, and this diversity is most noticeable when Australians travel to other countries, where […]

Superannuation for nurses

Written by: Melanie Wong Published by: Jay Lee Letters to ourselves. In an age of digital technology, letter writing has become a thing of the past yet some of you may find yourselves discovering a folded piece of paper from a decade ago, addressed to the you of today. Whether it be from 12 year […]

Duty calls

Written by: Melanie Wong Published by: Helen Le Monday blues, ‘Hump’ day, TGIF. These are phrases that have become a large part of the modern vocabulary. But while everyone has heard of them before, not everyone is able to reap the benefits of a five-day working week. ‘Duty calls’ is an expression that undoubtedly shapes […]