Agency nursing: One career, a million jobs

Written by: Melanie Wong

Forget mid-life crises – in a world as fast-paced and rapidly changing as ours, more often than not, those in the workforce are more concerned about whether or not their next career steps are the right ones, or even what their next career steps are. Research says that we’ll have 17 jobs and 5 different careers across our working life and it’s a trend that’s proving to be true as we get ready to jump into the 2020s. Sure, this might be true for people in the fine arts, or the business world, but what about health? Surely a doctor will only be a doctor, or a nurse will only be a nurse?

What was once a certainty is now a bit touch and go but different jobs in the same career can cater to a number of different people, who work in different ways, look for different benefits that work can provide for them and interact with the world in different ways. Some people like rigid structure: same company, same department, same office, for years and years on end. But there are some who chafe against these rules, where flexibility might be the key search word in their job hunting and a change of scenery, every once in a while, keeps their job exciting and something that they still love.

Agency nursing is exactly that: a flexible alternative that prioritises your choice and, to an extent, allows you to be your own boss, an uncommon trait in the health industry. Catering for every speciality in the industry, it’s the perfect compromise for nurses with family commitments or personal interests that might otherwise clash with their career; the flexibility offered in scheduling shifts allows agency nurses to pick and choose shifts around their existing priorities. For example, at Healthcare HQ, we have staff who prefer nights, as they have young children and are juggling both their career and family life, or who can’t work weekends or nights, as they play sport or want to leave time for socialising with friends.

Not only can agency nurses travel around Australia to work and experience different working environments and locations but they can also enjoy above-average wages, penalty rates and a huge amount of flexibility, which comes in handy when you’re relishing in the joy of experiencing new destinations. Further, nurses are able to experience a wider variety of the career options available to them by working in different departments, improving their knowledge of models of care, protocols and practices whilst broadening their skill sets. At Healthcare HQ, we encourage our staff to push their comfort zones and adapt to the best of their ability in order to provide the best possible care for patients and clients.

Healthcare HQ are always on the lookout for new nurses to join our ever-expanding team so why not give it a go: drop us an email or call for a casual chat to learn more. We welcome new staff to try the experience and if it’s not for them, that’s perfectly okay. Agency staff can stop taking shifts at any time. Spread the word amongst your friends!

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