‘Tis The Holiday Season!

Written by Natalie Sarmiento 

It’s officially December and we are reaching the tail end of the year which means one thing… It’s almost Christmas! This marks a very busy season, especially for those within the healthcare industry with a surge in shifts and a demand for even more work during the holidays. As such, it is important to mark the ways that you can care for yourself during this time, and find ways to enjoy the holidays as the year draws to a close. In this article, we will identify some tips to implement into both your everyday and working life to help spread cheer these holidays!

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  • Make Time For Yourself
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  • The Season Of Giving
  • Planning and Preparing
  • Treat Yourself To A Break… It’s Christmas!
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Get In The Holiday Spirit

Nobody likes a grinch. That’s why these holidays, you should spread the holiday cheer and get into the Christmas spirit. It was found that hanging Christmas decorations and lights up early can cause a spike in dopamine levels (also known as the feel-good hormone). Not only that, but it can increase the moods of your colleagues. Whether it’s decorating the break room with some tinsel, gifting your attending a yummy holiday treat, or wearing some festive coloured socks, it is always possible to get in the right spirits no matter how small.

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Make Time For Yourself

Any time there is a busy holiday period, it is inevitable that you can get overwhelmed. It’s really important to take a breath, step away and find time to check in with yourself. Making time for yourself can look different for people too. Some people may choose to complete a hobby they’ve wanted to do for a while and others may feel the best use of time is to share it with others. Think to yourself “what brings me joy?” If something has come to mind, then we implore you to do those things on your holiday bucket list no matter how big or small the gesture may be. If you are still confused how, Reach Out Australia has created a quiz for checking in on yourself. It is designed to make time for yourself by slowing down, taking a breath and reflecting on the business of your life. In high stress situations, it’s so important to identify the stressful points in your life so you know how to improve.

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You Are Not Alone

The holidays are a time to spend with your family and those that are important to you. It is a period of togetherness and holiday cheer. But we know that there are people out there that may be celebrating on their own this year which can impact your mental health. We extend a kind reminder to those that may be a long distance away from your family and may be celebrating by themselves this year – you are not alone! When Christmas rolls around, there are plenty of ways to celebrate and not miss out on the cheer. Reaching out to your closest friends, facetiming your nearest & dearest when you can’t be with them or researching some community initiatives that are available during Christmas are great ways to make connections. Mind is a helpful site that focuses on mental health during Christmas and compiles a list of ways that you may be able to get through this season if it is particularly difficult for you.

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The Season Of Giving

Christmas certainly is the time for giving. Giving presents to your workmates or buying a gift that your parents have secretly been wanting will spread cheer and make you feel good. Another way A study by Mccrindle found that Australians are four times as likely to give money during Christmas (19%) as opposed to the start of the year (5%). This Christmas, 47% of Australians are likely to donate money to charity this Christmas. Even if you can’t afford to donate to charity this year, acts of kindness are another way to give back to the community and is yet another way to boost your morale. Offer a helping hand and words of encouragement to those who may be feeling down. Create a safe place and extend invitations to people that may be on their own this season. Volunteer an extra hour of work if your shift may be a little busier than expected. If you continue to give back to others, then they will reciprocate the same to you.

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Planning And Preparing

An increase in shifts and a demand for work can easily clash with your Christmas plans. That’s why it is important to plan in advance and prepare for the busy period ahead. Nursing agency work can be demanding and can often call you away from your Christmas celebrations. To avoid this, we encourage you to reach out early to rostering staff to inform them of the days that you are available as well as the days that you won’t be able to work. Creating a clear timeline to balance out your work and holiday activities will not only ease your stress, but allows rostering staff to know in advance so that they too can prepare accordingly. Working within the healthcare industry is a demanding job so we also encourage you to prepare and be ready for anything. Try getting enough rest before a long shift and eat a balanced meal. It’s also important to know that you may be called in at the last minute to fill in urgent shifts so prepare yourself for the possibility and be ready to pick up shifts whenever you can.

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Treat Yourself To A Break… It’s Christmas!

Let’s not forget, It’s Christmas! It is the prime time to rest, reflect, recover and treat yourself before the new year begins. Buy yourself that thing that’s been on your wishlist, sleep in for a few extra hours, and enjoy that delicious meal out. No matter what you do, find an activity that relaxes you and brings joy. As the year draws to a close, remember all of the hard work that you put in during the year and start to look towards the future by making resolutions for yourself and preparing for the New Year’s ahead. 

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Your Next Steps

Healthcare HQ would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We hope this article has proven helpful in identifying tips in caring for yourself during this period and getting into the cheerful mood during this team. The end of the year is an exciting time for everyone and we hope that you have a very safe holiday season and that you are refreshed and ready to bring in the new year. 

Disclaimer: The advice provided in this article is general in nature. For more information relating to your individual circumstances, please speak to your healthcare provider. 

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