Procedures and responsibilities

Procedures for Supervisors – Physical or Sexual Abuse 

If you suspect that abuse has occurred, or abuse or suspected abuse is reported to you: 

  • place the interests of the resident first; 
  • determine whether the situation is urgent (happening now). If yes, consider whether you can take immediate action to stop the abuse occurring, without endangering the resident, yourself or other people; 
  • call for the police (if necessary); 
  • call for an ambulance (if necessary); 
  • report to the Senior Manager/Director; 
  • seek medical treatment (if necessary); 
  • treat the area as a crime scene until advice is given otherwise; 
  • do not remove any articles or items from the area;
  • ensure the older person does not wash or shower; 
  • do not allow others to enter into the area; 
  • ensure that there is no risk of exposure to or contact with the alleged perpetrator (i.e. the person who is alleged to have carried out the abuse) by the resident; 
  • reassure the resident; 
  • provide support to the care staff involved; 
  • counsel the resident and document the events; 
  • of the abuse is of a sexual nature, seek immediate advice from the nearest Sexual Assault Service; and
  • establish if the resident has the capacity (is competent) to understand their circumstances and make decisions. If unsure, seek a medical assessment of this. 

Approved Provider Responsibilities 

Reportable Assaults Approved providers or other authorised personnel receiving allegations or suspecting this type of assault must report this as soon as reasonably practicable, within 24 hours. Reports must be made to Police and the Department of Social Services (DSS)- Aged Care Complaints Scheme by the Provider. Under Federal law all aged care service providers are required to report suspicions, allegations or witnessed events of Elder Abuse to their relevant funding bodies & local police

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