Reportable Assault – Exception 

Unwelcome sexual contact and unreasonable use of force may not be deemed reportable if the following circumstances exist: 

  • resident who committed assault has medically diagnosed medical impairment, documented before the assault occurred; 
  • resident who committed assault has a behaviour management plan in place; or
  • it is a subsequent report of factually the same or similar incident; (The approved provider (or their representative) will determine if these circumstances exist and whether or not reporting should proceed). 

Impairment Exception 

For the purposes of exception from reporting to the police or DSS, an assessment of a resident’s cognitive or mental impairment must be undertaken by one or more of the following personnel: 

  • Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT); 
  • The resident’s GP; 
  • A registered nurse; 
  • Another health professional with the appropriate clinical expertise, e.g. such as geriatrician, psycho–geriatrician, geriatric nurse, and clinical psychologist. Assessments undertaken in a community and / or hospital setting may also be considered. 

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