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Photo from @HighPerformance Nursing on Instagram

We are now in the midst of May and what better way to kick off the second half of the month then to list all of the things that we are grateful for thus far. Today we are grateful for support networks and the people we surround ourselves with. As a nursing agency, Healthcare HQ would not be here today without the continued support of our dedicated healthcare workers, our hardworking office team and most importantly our friends!

In the spirit of friendship, we wanted to extend our gratitude to one of our long time agency friends Liam Caswell.

Photo from @HighPerformance Nursing on Instagram

Liam has been in the business of healthcare for a long time now. With a Masters of Healthcare Leadership & Management under his belt, Liam has a lot of experience about life in the healthcare industry and has faced the many ups and downs that come along the way. Liam believes that he has “a unique perspective on the challenges that healthcare leaders face and how to navigate this in a sustainable manner.”

Today, he inspires people as a healthcare career and leadership coach and has his own podcast ‘High Performance Nursing’.  As a coach, Liam is passionate about empowering the healthcare workforce to fulfill their personal and professional lives, all while providing exceptional service in healthcare. Through his career, Liam has positively coached & mentored hundreds of  nurses resulting in great career growth, implementing sustainable processes and systems to automate workflow and reduce overall burnout.

‘High Performance Nursing’ is a podcast designed to assist nurses and healthcare workers to thrive in both their personal & professional careers. Aimed at AIN’s, Student Nurses, New Graduates, Seasoned Nurses and everyone in between, the podcast’s mission is to create a psychologically safe working environment for everyone to thrive within their careers, offering professional development for all. 

High Performance Nursing is available to listen on podcast streaming services today. Our Employee Resources page at https://healthcarehq.com.au/employee-resources/ has a direct link to Liam’s podcast as well. 

We hope you find moments of gratitude today and encourage you to thank the people in your life that continue to support and raise you up.

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