Department of Health: Covid-19 Infection control training

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Covid-19 training modules are required by all NSW Healthcare workers as a compulsory measure. These modules have been released by the Department of Health in preparation for Covid-19 prevention and management within the aged care sector.

These certificates will be of value for your own portfolio and we believe the completion of these modules will be of benefit to you as well as equipping you with the knowledge of how to protect others and yourselves.

Here is the link to register & login:

Follow the instructions on the website to register your account.

The whole course (10 modules) will take approximately 40 minutes to complete (each module will only take approximately 3 minutes & will take slightly longer if there are videos to watch). The following outlines all modules that you will need to complete:

  1. Aged Care Module 1 – Personal safety
  2. Aged Care Module 2 – Families and Visitors – Part 1 – Residential Care
  3. Aged Care Module 3 – COVID 19 and Aged Care
  4. Aged Care Module 4 – Outbreak Management Procedures
  5. Aged Care Module 5 – Personal Protective Equipment
  6. Aged Care Module 6 – Laundry
  7. Aged Care Module 7 – Cleaning
  8. Aged Care Module 8 – If you suspect a person has coronavirus COVID-19
  9. Aged Care Module 9 – Supporting older Australians – Residential Care
  10. Infection Control Training – COVID 19

For each module that you have completed, you will receive a downloadable certificate (click “My Certificates” on your account dashboard to access them). Please email copies of your certificates once you have completed them all to [email protected]

If you have already completed these modules, you can simply email the certificates to us & you will not need to redo them again. 

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