Employee handbook

Healthcare HQ Pty Ltd (HHQ) is proud of its exemplary reputation which has been achieved by attracting and maintaining committed and high performing employees. We expect our employees to comply with the following Employee Handbook (together with HHQ Code of Conduct & Ethics and other supplied policies) based around the provision of quality service and […]

Mandatory Competencies per your AHPRA Policy + Basic Life Support (CPR) – eLearning Module

As you know, it is the responsibility of all RNs to maintain three mandatory competencies of Basic Life Support (including CPR), Manual Handling and Infection Control. While there are many more nursing competencies required by individual employers, at their discretion, it is imperative that these three mandatory competencies are seen to and updated as required.  […]

Department of Health: Covid-19 Infection control training

Covid-19 training modules are required by all NSW Healthcare workers as a compulsory measure. These modules have been released by the Department of Health in preparation for Covid-19 prevention and management within the aged care sector. These certificates will be of value for your own portfolio and we believe the completion of these modules will […]

Reflection on your interview & induction

Healthcare HQ is constantly reviewing its processes and procedures including our induction and orientation process. We would appreciate if you would spend a few minutes giving us some feedback relating to your experience of the interview, induction and this HHQ eLearning Platform.

Mandatory Reporting Policy and eLearning Module

Staff employed by HHQ are expected to comply with Australian legislative requirements and Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMC) nursing standards, in the reporting of abuse and or assault of patients or residents in their care (clients). 

Overseas worker – hiring policy

Healthcare HQ (HHQ) is committed to upholding human rights, not only with respect to its internal employees but also for on-hire workers servicing their clients.  This Policy applies to overseas workers employed by HHQ working in Australia. 

National Police Checks

The purpose of this policy is to outline Healthcare HQ’s (HHQ) National Police Checks Policy for persons employed and engaged in HHQ.

Falls Prevention and Falls Risk Management Policy and eLearning Module

The Falls Prevention and Falls Risk Management Policy and eLearning Module has been developed to reduce the incidence of patient and resident falls and to minimise harm from falls when they occur. The policy incorporates the following processes: A fall is an unintentional descent of a patient or resident to the floor that may or […]

Manual handling – HHQ’s commitment to employees

Important note: This policy is not a Manual Handling competency. For RN’s, as explained in the course ‘Mandatory competencies per your AHPRA registration’, it is your responsibility to independently attend to an industry recognised Manual Handling competency (including theory and practical). You have, or will provide evidence of this competency to HHQ. Statement This policy […]

Medication Management and Administration Policy and eLearning Modules

Scope The Medication Management and Administration Policy and eLearning Module is applicable to employees performing work at Healthcare HQ (HHQ) or at the site of one of HHQ’s clients. The Policy exists to: Procedure All medications administered are to be checked by two staff members who are deemed competent; taking into account the medication to […]

Elder Abuse: Prevention and Response Policy and eLearning Module

This policy outlines parameters in responding to older people at risk, or experience abuse. Where the abuse of the older person is reported to have occurred in Residential Aged Care, reports should be made in accordance with the Aged Care Act 1997 to the Department of Health by calling 1800 081 549 as suggested by Compulsory Reporting […]

HHQ Workplace and Quality Policies and Training Resource

Welcome to the Healthcare HQ team! Please be reminded that it is a condition of employment and a mandatory requirement of Healthcare HQ that all employees entering a new place of work locate, review and adhere to that workplace’s policies, procedures and protocols. This module contains HHQ workplace policies and your prompt attendance to each […]

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