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The cracks in Australia’s aged care workforce

In a 2017 report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, over one in seven Australians were aged 65 years and over. Australia undoubtedly has, like so many other Western countries, an ageing population. It comes as no surprise then that the number of Australians receiving home care has been steadily rising in the…

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Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety

Written by: Melanie Wong Published by: Jay Lee Nursing homes first appeared in the mid 20th Century and have only become more common in the 21st Century; as family roles have shifted over time and a larger percentage of the population is now contributing to the workforce, the ability of some families to look after…

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Have you met mandatory CPD requirements?

What are CPD requirements? Nurses and midwives registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (National Board) are expected to annually attend to a minimum number of continuing professional development (CPD) hours directly relevant to the nurse or midwife’s context of practice. In what areas can I claim CPD hours? Basically any role, remunerated…

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