Feature: Australia’s chronic skills crisis: The jobs we need to fill, but can’t

Angela was recently interviewed and featured in an article for Yahoo Business.  Angela Thwaites runs a boutique nursing recruitment firm in Sydney. Even at the best of times, she might find herself one or two nurses shy of being able to fully meet demand. That was before the pandemic. These days, she’s facing a candidate drought […]

The Royal Commission’s Interim Report: Simplified

On 31 October, the royal commission into aged care released its interim report after ten months of investigation, revealing the insufficiencies of Australia’s aged care system and recommendations that spurred the government into action. But through all this jargon, what did the report actually say and what has the government done about it? Here are […]

Australia’s RN shortage: Why and what next?

Written by: Melanie Wong The Australian healthcare industry is seeing the start of a dire shortage of nurses, a shortfall unable to meet patient demands that will continue for another decade. This desperate situation made itself known in the last year to most in the healthcare industry as hospitals and aged care centres began to […]

Agency nursing: One career, a million jobs

Written by: Melanie Wong Forget mid-life crises – in a world as fast-paced and rapidly changing as ours, more often than not, those in the workforce are more concerned about whether or not their next career steps are the right ones, or even what their next career steps are. Research says that we’ll have 17 […]

Superannuation for nurses

Written by: Melanie Wong Published by: Jay Lee Letters to ourselves. In an age of digital technology, letter writing has become a thing of the past yet some of you may find yourselves discovering a folded piece of paper from a decade ago, addressed to the you of today. Whether it be from 12 year […]

ANZAC Day 2018: Remembering ANZAC nurses

Written by Helen Le During WWI, so many brave Australian nurses worked in hospitals, hospital ships and trains and in casualty clearing stations close to the front line to treat wounded Australian soldiers. These women were extremely committed, putting their lives at risk to help as much as they could throughout the war. On top […]

ANZAC Day 2017: Paying tribute to ANZAC nurses.

Today, Healthcare HQ pays tribute to the thousands of Australian nurses who fought to save the ANZACs. The Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS) was formed in 1903. 2139 nurses served abroad in WW1, and sadly 25 of them died. They attended to all wounded Australians in all major campaigns, including Lemnos Island (off Gallipoli), Egypt, […]

From HHQ: Thinking of fellow healthcare workers in Syria

With the Syrian crisis entering in its fifth year, sadly this country has seen a massive exodus of doctors and nurses. For those who do remain and work tirelessly, spare a thought for the amazing healthcare workers. Not only do they face significant shortages of medical supplies, medical education and training, but they also have no […]