Gratefulness in Mental Health Month

Written by: Melanie Wong Gratitude. It’s a word that’s thrown around often enough and is something that those in the healthcare industry specifically will experience on a day-to-day basis, not without good reason. Nurses receive gratitude so often from patients, family members and doctors alike. However, it’s important for nurses to not only know their […]

Australia’s RN shortage: Why and what next?

Written by: Melanie Wong The Australian healthcare industry is seeing the start of a dire shortage of nurses, a shortfall unable to meet patient demands that will continue for another decade. This desperate situation made itself known in the last year to most in the healthcare industry as hospitals and aged care centres began to […]

Agency nursing: One career, a million jobs

Written by: Melanie Wong Forget mid-life crises – in a world as fast-paced and rapidly changing as ours, more often than not, those in the workforce are more concerned about whether or not their next career steps are the right ones, or even what their next career steps are. Research says that we’ll have 17 […]

Tackling tax: 6 easy steps

It’s that time of the year again, when you start getting emails about tax deductible donations and work starts talking about personal income statements. June and July can be a bit of a busy time and one of the most fear-inducing, confusing and overcomplicated processes during this time period is how to lodge your tax […]

Lifesaving Between the Flags

Written by Melanie Wong Rapid response systems (RRS), such as Between the Flags or Early Warning Score, have become increasingly effective and common in hospitals since the 1990s. While they were first developed in Australia, RRS have now been placed into effect in other countries including the US and the UK due to their noticeably […]

Self-care for caregivers

Written by: Melanie Wong Hospitals are always open, regardless of whether it is 2pm in the afternoon or 2am in the morning. They have to be, of course, because health problems wait for no one, but when you dig a little deeper, what does this constant state of being ‘switched on’ mean for those giving […]

From university to the workforce: The Pandora’s box of graduate life

Written by: Melanie Wong Published by: Jay Lee Graduation. For most students, this is the most pivotal transition between studying and working to pay off your HECS debt; the peak of the mountain, so to speak, that defines whether or not you make the cut for professional life. In recent decades, this has been the […]

Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety

Written by: Melanie Wong Published by: Jay Lee Nursing homes first appeared in the mid 20th Century and have only become more common in the 21st Century; as family roles have shifted over time and a larger percentage of the population is now contributing to the workforce, the ability of some families to look after […]

Superannuation for nurses

Written by: Melanie Wong Published by: Jay Lee Letters to ourselves. In an age of digital technology, letter writing has become a thing of the past yet some of you may find yourselves discovering a folded piece of paper from a decade ago, addressed to the you of today. Whether it be from 12 year […]

Benefits of having a mentor

Written by Helen Le Do you have a mentor at work? If not, we encourage you to consider seeking a mentor: someone you look up to, someone who genuinely looks out for your best interests, someone who you can turn to in troubling times or perhaps to just offer a non-judgemental listening ear. Nursing Mentors can […]